• Bill Gelling

Automation and the digital revolution.

Just like the industrial revolution before it, the digital revolution has brought about a whole new way of doing business. Almost every industry has seen some sort of disruption in the form of automation technology; from 3-D printing and driver-less cars to delivery drones and intelligent homes, we’re already embracing much of this technology in our daily lives. Not so long ago, it all seemed like sci-fi.

But will any of this innovation affect business as usual for business owners? Often with humbler budgets and hands-on management style, small business owners might think clever tech is not a priority. They’d be wrong. Truth is, automation is even more critical for businesses that don’t have endless resources to invest in manpower.

Customer Engagement

The way we relate to our customers has already been significantly disrupted by automation tech. Think self-serve banking, IVR phone services, automated hotel check-in, online digital assistants. Small businesses can still keep customer relationships feeling personal while taking advantage of technology such as chat bots and self-service web pages.


The Cloud has made it affordable for small businesses to automate their most resource-heavy processes. E-invoicing, e-procurement, payroll and employee self-service management software greatly reduces the amount of manpower you need from day to day as well as streamlines your back office operations. Automation here also means there’s less room for human error, so your data is ultimately more reliable and more useful.


OK, so automating HR processes is a no-brainer for to large organizations. But even if you only have a dozen staff you are still 100% reliant on their ability, performance and dedication to help you deliver the best product or service and generate the best returns. Automated HR systems for SMBs allow managers to monitor performance and keep track of KPIs



Marketing Automation solutions that streamline content marketing, CRM, email marketing and SEO allow you to make your communications more targeted and relevant, drive acquisition, upsell, cross-sell and retention. Not only that, you’re freeing up staff to invest time in more valuable activities. Use dashboard data and analytics software to speed up your decision-making to out maneuver bigger businesses and reach customers first.

Inform yourself

Video conferencing didn’t quite kill business travel, but nearly. Email definitely killed snail mail and fax. Think about the rising tech across your industry and position yourself to take advantage – or at least be ready for it. OK you might not have the budget for early adoption but if you’re too sluggish to join the revolution, your competitors will benefit from all the efficiencies, cost reductions and customer satisfaction that automation has to offer and will leave you playing catch up while they are gobbling up market share like Pac-Man.

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